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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Depressing Holiday Season
Christmas is a time of laughter, joy, happy family times, Christmas lights, and all that fun stuff. Right? Add a little snow, some hot chocolate, and a kiss from your significant other under the mistletoe, and it could be seen as a really great Christmas. Yet as I log into MSN every day, I find that some of the articles listed for MSN Today (when that thing pops up is the only time I check any news) are actually quite depressing. One of the articles was six love talks to bring you closer in your romantic relationship. Sounds like a cute article, right? One we could all use during the stressful holiday season.

Unfortunately, this article was very, very sad. Written by a reporter named Amy Fletcher, she recorded the sad love story of Maya and Jack and the things that Maya wishes they had talked about sooner. Jack died from gallbladder cancer, I believe, on September 21, 2008. From what Maya told the reporter, they didn't start having these deep conversations regarding the six questions she lists until his last few weeks, and that I think is what makes this story so sad. Can you imagine going through a relationship with someone and realizing you didn't share any deep conversations until their last days? I can't imagine what Maya must feel like, but I know I'm going to follow her advice when she says to have these deep conversations with the one you love right away.

Link: Six Love Talks That Bring You Closer
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