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Terry McDermott

August 28, 2007 - Swine-Cat the Synthetic Mutant

“I can’t believe that old alley cat survived surgery,” said Professor Marx.

“We have removed a cat’s head,” said Professor Masters, “connected it to a runt piglet, and in just a matter of days he is acting completely normal.”

“He still thinks he’s a hundred percent cat,” laughed Professor Marx.

His curly tail had straightened, and he moved like a cat. He even licked his pig’s feet. A black furry cat head on a smooth pink fat body was morbid. But to the scientist, he was a mythical beauty.

“Will we be ready for brain surgery tomorrow?” asked Marx.

“I think he will.”

“Do you really think just one slice of a human brain grafted into his own will increase his intelligence?”

“I’m sure it will,” said Masters. “After all a human only uses just a small part of his brain.”

“Just imagine just two small town college professors have made history,” bragged Marx. “Right here inside  this old vacant building in West Capital Heights.”


Two Weeks Later

“Not much change in him,” said Marx.

“No he still acts like a cat who doesn’t realize he has a pig’s body,” said Masters.

“Well still have accomplished much. Just think how synthetic mutation will effect the cause of science and medicine.”

“Tomorrow when we show our swine-cat to the public, it will be the story of the century.”

When the two scientist turned out the lights and locked the door, an evil smile came across the cat-swine’s face. “You fools!” he shouted. “For tonight I will escape and take my revenge. Those who falsely accused me and sent to the death chamber, will die soon.”

As he pushed open the door to his cage he shouted. “ But before I leave here those two will die tomorrow morning for giving me a pig‘s body!”


Special Note: This is my attempt at writing short-short fiction

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