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Terry McDermott

November 22, 2007 - Reindeer Sing Noel

Reindeer sing noel on the hilltop
Their gift to all who may pass by
We all have something to give
It can be from the heart
Like a song of hope
A priceless gift
That touches
All who



Special Note: This poem is known as a nonet. First line is 9 syllables and goes down to 1 syllable in the last line,


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October 27, 2007 - Halloween Reindeer

All the elves trembled

When the black reindeer was born

Alone in his youth

Christmas just didn’t fit him

So he moved to Maine

Where his darkness blended well

And he found a special task

Candy on antlers

He did on Halloween night

Kids grabbed the candy

Until his antlers were bare

Birth can misplace one

Yet destiny can be found

If one is willing to search





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October 1, 2007 - The Rose Has Gone

The rose has gone,

Life's withdrawn, and

Each fawn has grown.

Green leaves turn brown.

All schools have started in town.

Pumpkins are ripe.

Athlete types are

In hype, football

Season is here.

The fans come from everywhere

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September 14, 2007 - Hawk's Hunger


Search for

Plump juicy chickens

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner

They crave fresh meat from daylight to dark

So at times they must settle for just a big black nasty rat


This is my fabonacci.

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September 11, 2007 - Kennedy and Nixon

A co-worker once told me he had read a book that dealt with the political struggles between Nixon and  Kennedy. At that time I failed to ask him the title and the author of the book. But I have given the subject some thought. It does seem that the lives of  these two men, and the people associated with them, crossed paths many times.


Below I have made a timeline  based on the careers and tragedies of both men.


1913-Richard Nixon was born in Yarbo Linda California.


1917-John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline Massachusetts.

1940-Kennedy joins the Navy. Later becomes a Naval Officer and served in the Pacific.


1941-Nixon became a Naval Officer and served in the Pacific.


1946-Nixon and Kennedy are elected to the U.S. House of Represenatives.


1950-Nixon was elected U.S. Senator.


1952-Kennedy was elected U.S. Senator. Nixon becomes Vice President of the United States.


1956-Nixon was re-elected as Vice President. Kennedy lost a bid to become the Vice Presidential Candidate at the Democrat National Convention.


1960-Kennedy defeats Nixon and became the 35th President of the United States. Mayor Daley of Chicago was accused of making a corrupt bargain that lead to Nixon's defeat in Illinois. Kennedy won the popular vote by a narrow margin.  Both men held a series of debates that would eventually lead to a new tradition Robert Kennedy became his brother's Attorney General.


1962-Nixon ran for Governor of California, and was defeated. He retired from politics. Ted Kennedy won his brother's U.S. Senate seat.


1963-President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. The Warren Commission   declared that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and was not part of any conspiracy. Gerald Ford was a member of this commission.


1964-Robert Kennedy charged Teamster Leader Jimmy Hoffa with fraud and jury tampering. Hoffa was found guilty and sent to prison.


1968-Robert Kennedy was running for President, but was assassinated while campaigning in California. Nixon came out of retirement and became the 37th President of the United States.


1969-Ted Kennedy’s accident at Chappiquiddick.


1971-Nixon pardons Hoffa.


1972- Nixon was re-elected by a landslide. The Kennedy's brother-in-law, Sergeant  Shriver, was the Democratic Candidate for Vice President.


1973-Vice President Spiro Agnew was forced to resign, and  replaced by Gerald Ford.


1974-Nixon resigned as a result of the Watergate Scandal. Ford became the 38th President of the United States and gave Nixon a full pardon.


1975-Hoffa disappeared and was never seen again.


1976-Ford lost his bid for a full four-year term.

1980- Ted Kennedy attempted to get the Democratic Nomination for President, but was unsuccessful. Chappiquiddick will forever be the albatross around his neck.

1994-Nixon dies.

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September 10, 2007 - A King's Freedom

Five days old
His father passed on
This great king
Left one son
A childhood taken

In his youth
The castle he fled
A circus
Took him in
Becoming an acrobat
The subjects were sadden

Chaos Broke
The king's uncle ruled
A tyrant
Who shed blood
People longed for the young king
But he was not found

News spread far
Guilt filled the young king
He returned
Took his crown
Putting his uncle in chains
Still his heart was sad

A decree
For an election
Was set forth
A new king
Chosen by the common man
Leaving once again

The circus
Was his home again
He was free
From his crown
Which had stolen his childhood
Peace is important
Another shadorma
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September 7, 2007 - Ozarks in the Fall

I drive

Through the mountains

Brown leaves are falling fast

Evidence of the time we call


I see

The cows gazing

Among the hilly land

The deer are jumping in front of

My path


Fresh air

Just everywhere

Peace fills my weary soul

I love this great land known as the



Another cinquain.

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September 5, 2007 - The Strangest Dream I Ever Had

I was standing outside in front of a two-story house. The second floor had a large bay window. As I was looking up, a strange little boy appeared at the window, and was giving me an angry look. The boy wore the uniform of a Roman Soldier, but he was not wearing a helmet. His eyes were blue, and his blonde hair curled to the ends. I got the impression that he was not real.


It seemed we had a conversation, but what was said is not clear to me. All at once he shot me with an arrow, and it knocked me to the ground under a large oak tree. The strange thing was that the arrow did stick into me. However my neck was hurting from the blow. ( In real life I do have neck problems.) People started appearing everywhere. They were all strangers, except for my Mom and Dad. I remember my Mom asking if I was ok.


As the people were looking up at the little boy, he threw five arrows to the ground. Then he said to me, “Take the tips of these arrows. Five things are going to take place. Those who don’t believe will die.”


After saying this the little boy jumped out the window, and walked away. I do remember saying, “Good by little boy.” The last I saw of him, he had his back turned, and his red cape was flowing in the wind. Then he vanished.


At the end of the dream I was on a boat that was full of people. We were traveling down a stream that was inside of a cave. The people were all strangers, but I had a bond with them. The fear brought upon by the little boy had left me. Peace filled my heart.


I have always believed that dreams have no meaning. Now I am starting to wonder. The past two years has been a very trying time for me. My counselor is amazed by this dream, and believes that it has some importance to my life. Maybe one night I will have a dream that will pick up where this one has ended. Then again, as my life goes on, the meaning may become clear to me.


Special Note: I wrote this article 5 years ago. It's meaning still is unknown to me. At the time I was on a lot of medication. So that may be the reason this dream was so strange.

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September 4, 2007 - Candy Cane Warriors

Given by a wizard
With advice
And Fortune
To a handsome young farmer
That would change his life


In the hills
He planted ten rows
No water
Was needed
Mighty men quickly sprouted
Candy Cane Warriors


They all bowed
To the young farmer
And hailed him
As the one
Giving him a candy crown
The Peppermint King


Marching forth
They entered the town
Fighting with
Might and skill
But they went down in defeat
The kids ate them up


All was lost
And just remember
If you wish
To be king
Don’t go fighting with candy
You will be dessert

 Another shadorma

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September 3, 2007 - Cartoon Man

Cartoon Man
Held captive by the ink
The artist
Designs him
Each thought and move is public
And no soul within


Another shadorma.

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September 1, 2007 - The Fleeing Swiss Cheese

Near the milk counter

I saw a package of swiss

Land on the wax floor

Fleeing from the country store

He thought he was free

Until he met an old tom cat

Consumed in seconds

Swiss Cheese has one destiny

It is made to be eaten


This is a naga uta, like my post "Rattlesnake City."

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August 31, 2007 - The Pink Umbrella

I was leaving for work on the graveyard shift, and the rain was pouring down hard. And my umbrella was in the locker at work. Knowing that I would have a ways to walk after parking my car, I decided to take an extra pair of clothes. There nothing more uncomfortable than working eight hours soaking wet.

As I went into the laundry room, my ex-wife's pink umbrella was hanging on a nail. It was one she received during her days of selling Mary Kay. And I guess Julia forgot it when she moved away. "Should I risk walking through the mill yard with a pink umbrella?" I asked myself. "Well its night and the rain is coming down. So maybe no one will notice."

When I got to work, no one was in the parking lot. The coast was clear. Walking to the front gate I passed by one good old boy sitting in his pickup truck. He was chewing tobacco and wearing camouflage. If you didn't know camouflage is unofficial color of the paper mill worker. The look on face gave me the impression that he was thinking insulting thoughts. But it didn't matter. I was dry.

To my surprise I did not see anyone else. I laid the pink umbrella beside my lunchbox on the worktable. Since the table was full of junk and paper dust, chances were slim nobody would notice it. I had made it to work without being ridiculed.

After work I returned home, took a shower, and went to bed. Then I realized what I had done. "I forgot that pink umbrella," Thinking to myself. "Now everyone is going to wonder who it belongs to. All well I just have to face the music."

The next day at work the pink umbrella was still lying on the table. No one had said a word, or even seemed to notice. At the end of the shift, I stuffed the pink umbrella inside my jacket, and departed without being harassed. My fear had been conquered.

Since that time I have given this pink umbrella a lot of thought. I was sure it would bring me insults, ridicule, and embarrassment. But none of these things came about. Instead it served its purpose. It kept me from getting wet.
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August 30, 2007 - My Mind Travels (A Nonet)

My mind travels to places unknown
Meeting people from many places
Yet I never leave my desk
Papers stuffed in corners
Some scattered about
Stories undone
A writer's
Quest for
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August 28, 2007 - Swine-Cat the Synthetic Mutant

“I can’t believe that old alley cat survived surgery,” said Professor Marx.

“We have removed a cat’s head,” said Professor Masters, “connected it to a runt piglet, and in just a matter of days he is acting completely normal.”

“He still thinks he’s a hundred percent cat,” laughed Professor Marx.

His curly tail had straightened, and he moved like a cat. He even licked his pig’s feet. A black furry cat head on a smooth pink fat body was morbid. But to the scientist, he was a mythical beauty.

“Will we be ready for brain surgery tomorrow?” asked Marx.

“I think he will.”

“Do you really think just one slice of a human brain grafted into his own will increase his intelligence?”

“I’m sure it will,” said Masters. “After all a human only uses just a small part of his brain.”

“Just imagine just two small town college professors have made history,” bragged Marx. “Right here inside  this old vacant building in West Capital Heights.”


Two Weeks Later

“Not much change in him,” said Marx.

“No he still acts like a cat who doesn’t realize he has a pig’s body,” said Masters.

“Well still have accomplished much. Just think how synthetic mutation will effect the cause of science and medicine.”

“Tomorrow when we show our swine-cat to the public, it will be the story of the century.”

When the two scientist turned out the lights and locked the door, an evil smile came across the cat-swine’s face. “You fools!” he shouted. “For tonight I will escape and take my revenge. Those who falsely accused me and sent to the death chamber, will die soon.”

As he pushed open the door to his cage he shouted. “ But before I leave here those two will die tomorrow morning for giving me a pig‘s body!”


Special Note: This is my attempt at writing short-short fiction

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August 22, 2007 - The Baseball Sleeps

The baseball

Sleeps inside the glove

Summer has

Worn him out

Football season is coming

His vacation earned



This is a shadorma based on the pic Jo has posted

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August 18, 2007 - Ocean Window


To the ocean

Brings in the salty winds

A passage from confinement to



This is a cinquain based on the picture, of the girl looking out the window, which Jo posted in the workshop.

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August 17, 2007 - Soda Zip

Soda zip
Not a single carb
Still taste great
Soothes the thirst
Wished there was low carb junk food
Then I may loose weight

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August 14, 2007 - The Green Dish Travels

The cupboard
Could not hold his dreams,
So the green dish fled his home.
He traveled the entire world, sailed the
Seven seas, and even went
Into outer space.
What a life!


This is a septet.

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August 12, 2007 - Bufford the Boxing Hound

Once in the hills of the Ozarks lived a hound named Bufford. He
lived in a ten-story shack with his Father, Mother, ten brothers, and
twenty sisters. All of his family was white with black and brown spots.

Bufford also had black and brown spots, in addition to spots that were
green, pink, purple, and blue. This made him different and caused his
ten brothers and twenty sisters to make fun of him. He would get so mad
that he would fight all ten brothers at one time. His Father and Mother
would always send him to the tenth floor, which was the punishment
room. Nothing was in there but one wooden chair. And Bufford would sit
in this room for hours.


One morning as he was sitting under a shade tree; his Grandmother came
by on her daily route. She drove a bone truck and delivered bones to
Bufford's house everyday. This morning she had good news for him.
"Bufford," she said, I have something very exciting to tell you."


"What is it?" He asked, jumping up and down.


"A Boxing Manager is at Kitty Corner," she said.


"What does that mean?" He asked.


"Bufford," she said, "You can put a pretty good fight against your ten
brothers and twenty sisters. I think you could become a champion boxer."


"Well where is Kitty Corner?" He asked.


"You don't worry about that. I will take you there right now," she said.

Kitty corner was an old store that stood at a crossroads. An old cat
known as Mr. Kitty owned it. There were several big dogs wanting for
the Boxing Managers arrival. When Bufford stepped out of his
Grandmother's bone truck; all the other dogs started laughing at him.                                                      Bufford became so angry that he whipped everyone of them.


A bright yellow winnie dog, with a green suit and derby, stepped out of
the store with a peppermint stick in his mouth. "Hey Kid! You can
really fight," he said."


"Who are you?" Bufford asked.


"I am Max," he said, "I am the Boxing Manager from New York City. Kid
if you come with me, I will make you a star."


Bufford kissed his Grandmother good-by. He told her to tell his Father,
Mother, ten brothers, and twenty sisters that he would be gone for a
while. He got into Max's red sport car and headed off to New York


When they arrived at the gym in New York City, Bufford saw that Max
also had ten brothers. Like Max they were Boxing Managers who wore
green suits and derbies. They also chewed on peppermint sticks. But
instead of being yellow they were brown. So like Bufford, Max was
different from his brothers. As they stepped inside the gym, Max's
brothers and the other boxers started laughing at them. One again
Bufford became so angry that he whipped every boxer in the gym.


As the weeks went by Bufford won all his matches. When his opponents
would see him, they would start laughing, and he would beat them up. It
wasn't long until Bufford and Max were headed for England to face the
World Champion, Bulldog Bowser.


The night of the fight Bufford and Max entered the are arena, and all
the fans started laughing at them. Even the Referee, who was a long
armed monkey laughed. But the crowd became quite when Bulldog Bowser
entered the ring. He was gigantic bulldog, four times bigger than
Bufford. He was solid brown, except for the black ring around his eye.
Around his waist he wore the shiny silver championship belt.


When he stepped into the ring, the gigantic bulldog started laughing at
Bufford. Bulldog Bowser laughed so hard; he did not hear the bell ring
to star the fight. As a matter of fact Bulldog Bowser laughed so hard
that he fell out of the ring. The Referee started counting,
"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10." The bell rang a second time to end the


Bufford had become World Champion without throwing a punch. The shiny
silver belt was so heavy that the Referee had to help Bufford and Max
carry it.


Bufford returned to the Ozarks a hero, and no one ever laughed at him

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August 12, 2007 - Ron Paul Places Fifth

Ron Paul placed 5th, in the Iowa Straw Poll, gaining 9% of the vote. Many of the liberals at Politis1.com made fun of Dr. Paul on Friday. One guy predicted he would receive only 1%. Republican front runners McCain and Romney failed to reach the 2% mark. Now here on Sunday (the day after the Straw vote) these same bloggers are still saying the Texas congressman should drop out.

This shows that not all conservatives support the unconstitutional war in Iraq. I’m still hoping Ron Paul makes it to the Arkansas Primaries.

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