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Name: concrete hillbilly
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 1, 2009 (Age: 6)
IM Screen Name: C,HB (AIM)
Location: .Jonesburg, missouri, United States


Entries Written: 244 entries
Comments Written: 0 comments
Signup Date: February 6, 2008
Last Login: November 7, 2013

My Friends Are: (5)
Cakemaker, dmcole, Flo, IJK, metl

I'm A Friend Of: (4)
Cakemaker, Flo, IJK, metl

My Interests: (7)
Roping the wind, Chasing my tail, Fishing in mud puddles, walking backwards, Horses, Cattle, and brinking deer.

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Concrete Hillbilly244 entries, 0 comments
Life on the mountain
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