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Hammer and Anvil Explained
November 21, 2009
  Okay, so it has been quite some time since I posted an update, and since my last post was about a hammer and anvil, I figured I should elaborate more on that.
  I am hoping this spring to be able to build a nice sized shop building, one which I can work on a car if I need to but what I really want to put in it is a forge. I have always been fascinated with metal work. I took metal working in high school and ever since I have wanted to have my own foundry and forge. So many people now work with wood, but a true blacksmith which can turn a black piece of iron into a beautiful work of art is becoming a rare find. Another things I would like to have alongside that would be a small forging trailer which I could take to shows with my wife. I would be able to share the knowledge with some young minds and maybe get them interested, as well as turning out some knives or swords and shields for a nice profit.
  If anyone wants to help me get started in this, it would be much appreciated. I need a shop building, a forge, an anvil, a foundry setup and a metal lathe would be nice too!
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