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Chore time assistance at Kelleys Brown Swiss Dairy

    Our Granddaughter, "Lil" got to help us with the evening chores last Thursday.  The first time she had been to the barn this year because of all the cold, nasty weather.  First thing - she had to have a kitty.  She was holding this cat a lot last summer when it was a mere kitten and it was a lot smaller.  She next tried to hold the black cat but it wasn't sure and ended up scratching her on the neck.  She cried and GrandMa held her and she ended up asleep.  GrandMa got tired of having to hold her and had to go sit in the milk house and hold her while I finished the milking.

    Yesterday evening "Flossie" was able to come help us chore and then her Mom allowed her to spend the night.  I snapped this photo while she was watching television with GrandMa.
    I sure enjoy having my Grandkids around.  I am proud of each of them.  The each have their own unique personality and it is great watching them grow and develop.  I wished I had paid more attention to my own children's development and growth.

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