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Pvt. Ova A Kelley - Medal of Honor - Norwood Native

    Friday, April 13, 2012 the overpass bridge on Highway E in Norwood that goes over highway 60 saw an addition.  The bridge was dedicated to my grandfather's brother, Ova A Kelley, who received the Medal of Honor posthumously for actions on Leyte Island during WWII.  The dedication ceremony was held in the Norwood School Gym and I was honored that almost all of my immediate family was able to attend.  Below are a couple of pictures of them/us

    The family has always referred to Pvt Kelley as "Art"., his middle name.  That was what his Mother and Father called him and below is a picture of his resting place.

    For a more complete story on the ceremony dedicating the bridge and more photos go here:http://www.musecrafters.com/NorwoodMo/15534/Pvt.+Ova+A+Kelley+-+Medal+of+Honor+-+Norwood+Native.html

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