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Another Side of Epic (part 7)

   I tried to warn them what would happen, so I did
Old Moss readied his home beneath the tree for winter's wind
He lived within the roots as he was anchored to the ground
The tree had lived as long as the thick forest was
Old Moss was a magician to some
And a religious to the others
But as respected as the forest
   Just because there is snow on the roof
   That doesn't mean that all is dead below
He touched his white hair and shook his head
A mouse ran towards the door
   I went to Lord Kyryn and his court and spoke, so I did
Old Moss understood the meaning of the stones
Their lie to the sun and direction to the stars
What hid in the holly and the meaning in the bush
  Just because the locusts come and eat your crops
  No one would invite the vermin in to eat them
  What would be of the hunger they would have next
No one took his meaning or his council
He hunkered down for a long cold winter

The land is good and ripe with taking
Was easy for us to pull our boats ashore
Halkoc sailed the sea to here and the men can grow rich
With plunder
These peasants were easy to pick clean
No real resistance
When the winter winds cease to storm
We'll take are treasures home and
Have taken what we want and go
And live well
Our families will grow strong and right
For now in winter's soft low glow
We'll wait our time and remain warm

Mydaefandynm's hall was ripe with time
Tomorrow's march would be swift and strong
The dragon's ships would burn
This stranger's presence was still some sport
Yes, mead and meat were still on table
His head might join the traitors'
The darkness invited in a tongue to speak
Entertainment for the men and diversion from the death
Of some
This sport would play out soon
   Speak your piece, cloth coat

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