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Four guys on their way to a dance

Billy Boys by Jack Vettriano

Three brothers and a friend with the sunset at their shoulder
And their futures just beyond their shadows
    I hope that she'll be there
    I'm glad that we all bought new hats
    This shortcut is ruining my new shoes
    I wish these pants fit better
Working farms in the lowlands
Haying, milking, herding, plowing, sowing, fencing,
A full contact life
Hands callused to a hard sheen
Cutting strong lean figures moving purposely across the
Evening's low tide mudflats
On their way to an early fall town gathering
In the square where torchlight will reflect on the folks' faces
Both their histories and their hopes
    I wore my tie too, but I wish I'd had a jacket I could borrow
    This new suit fits well
    Damn my shoes are getting all sandy
    Those pants are riding up on him
The night like life is all before them
The evening is anticipation
There's music coming from beyond their shadows
As a dance band warms up the cooling shade
    "Hey, you look real cool in your suit"
    "Why didn't we go along the road?"
    "She's gonna be there you know"
    "Do you think these collars are too wide?"
Whip thin and steel strong they move like the moon will rise
As the fading light catches in their eyes
That fire glows bright
    I hope that we don't come back this way, my shoes
    Now, it's left, right, left, left
    The beer should be cold by now
    I'll just stand to side, smoking, until I catch her eye
This is a moment in time like a bug caught in amber
Captured as they go, from, to...
A bird whistles its evening tune in the distance
The horizon has become the stars in the night sky
Tomorrow will have to take care of itself

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