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August 1, 2007
School Supplies
Today I went and bought school supplies for our 2 kids. Connor will be in Kindergarten and Mandie will be a Junior. With supplies ALONE I spent $125. This does not count clothes that I'll be buying tomorrow. We did not over indulge in products they didn't need. Just normal supplies that the kids NEEDED. They didn't buy the very cheapest brand of every single item but we certainly didn't buy anything expensive.

The point I'm getting at is that we just bought average items and ended up spending a ton of money. I'm lucky enough to be able to afford my children's school supplies but I know there are kids out there that their parents can't afford items like this. Connor's list included 12 glue sticks, zip lock bags, paper towels, baby wipes, two different types of markers... this list goes on. I do not mind at all to buy these things and I in no way think that the teacher should have to supply these things out of their own pocket but the school should have to supply some of these things. It's just crazy.

Alas I buy it and I'm grateful to live in a country that my child is provided with a free education. Just remember as your shopping at your favorite super center that there are kids out there that are starting school soon. They do need these supplies. Even a package of .20 glue sticks helps.

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