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December 28, 2008
So maybe it's not such a good idea to drive without a license, insurance or registration. While I'm at it I'll take along both my younger brothers and there isn't a need to wear our seat belts. Afterall, we brought along a mattress!

This is what the truck looked like when AFTER we flipped it back over. Thankfully all the boys survived. We make the poor junior firefighters do the jobs no one else wants to... like load back up the dirty mattress.  This accident happened about a quarter mile from our house.


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December 22, 2008
Elf Yourself
Hey look I'm an elf! Well, if I was REALLY an elf my outfit would be pink, but I wasn't able to change my outfit.


Send your own ElfYourself eCards
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December 20, 2008
Note to Family
    Many of you have been asking about Christmas and children we will have. Please do not feel like you have to buy gifts for any of our family members. This is just a list of who will be joining us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and IF you would like to purchase a SMALL gift here is what they like. I'm not allowed to post names but if you will contact me I'll give you their name so you can write it on their gift.

Connor- Size 6-7 clothes, likes legos, Star Wars, hot wheels

Mandie- household items or items for the baby.. She's having a girl.

Nick- (Mandie's boyfriend) Likes tools, funny t-shirts size medium.

6 Year old Boy- Size 7-8 clothes. Likes monster trucks. Nothing real complicated. He likes simple to use toys.

2 year old Boy- size 2T Likes cars and truck. Loves play phones and small things that makes noise.

17 year old girl- yes we have two of them lol- Size medium shirt size. Likes make-up, hair stuff scrapbooking stuff.

16 year old boy- size medium shirt or small if it's long enough. Likes sports, music

Again I know there is a total of 9 of us! Please do not feel you have to buy for all or any of us. This is just a list of who all will be joining us. Christmas is a time for family and when we have children with us they are family. It's not just about gifts, but showing these children what a loving family should be.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. Anyone who is willing to skip buying us all gifts and give us a van we'd gladly take that. haha

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December 17, 2008
A Letter from the North Pole
A week or so ago Connor wrote a letter to Santa. I had planned on taking it out of the mail box and saving it but I forgot before the mail was picked up the next morning. Today when Jacob checked the mail he found this letter in a sealed stamped envelope in the mailbox.

What a sweet thing for someone at the post office to do. Thank you so much! I can't even tell you how excited he was when he got his letter. He couldn't believe Santa had wrote him a letter, and frankly neither could I. You really made a little boys day. Merry Christmas!


Here is the letter from Santa..

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December 17, 2008
Happy Birthday Jacob
Today my sweet hubby turns 27!!! Happy birthday baby! I love you!

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December 16, 2008

I got to hold my Great Niece. I already love her so much!! Isn't she just perfect?

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December 15, 2008
I'm a Great Aunt
I'm finally a Great Aunt! Adilee Lynn Smith was born last night. She weighs 8lbs and 10oz and she is 21 inches long. I haven't got to go see her yet and it's killing me! I had to steal a picture of her from my brother Tom's myspace.

Here is Tom with his brand new granddaughter!

Aunt Duh
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December 14, 2008
Life Church
    I want to send out a huge thank you to the members of Life Church in Ava. In a world where so many seem to be more Bah Humbug than Merry Christmas they prove that there are still so many good people with big hearts. Life Church in Ava sponsored a Christmas party for the foster children of the 44 Circuit today. Each foster child received a large backpack or rolling suit case, pair of jeans, shoes, coat, and at least two toys. In addition all of the foster babies received packages of diapers and a handmade baby blanket. A wonderful meal of hamburgers and hotdogs was provided. The children were able to play games and the gifts were handed out by none other than Santa himself. Afterwards each foster family received a large sack of groceries and their choice of a turkey or ham.

    As a foster mom I can't even tell you how heartwarming it was to see the smiles on the children's faces. Seeing all of the children on the stage singing and knowing that each had their own story and pain was enough to almost bring tears to my eyes. We do our best for these children but it is difficult with so many. For the people at Life Church to do what they did was so heartwarming and appreciated. They took the names of each foster child and made their own tree. In less than one day every single name was gone. That just proves the generosity of these people.

    Thank you so much Life Church. God bless you for all you have done. You are angels to us and these children. Merry Christmas!

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December 9, 2008
    Last week I was sick and didn't go to class on Tuesday. It was my first time missing class. It's a little different than high school because in high school you think of every excuse in the book to miss class. In college you realize that you are the one paying for the classes so you make a point to go and get your moneys worth. lol. Anyway I turned in both of my research papers. I hope I get a good grade on them. I'm a little worried. Because I missed last week I was unaware that our final in history was tonight. I was totally unprepared! I looked at the syllabus and I thought that it was next week. I ended up getting an A-! I was really happy. I was worried that I hadn't done well. Next week I will find out what my total grade in the class is.

    I got my grade tonight on my computer class final and I received a 300/300! I am now totally done with that class and after my extra credit is counted I will have over 100% in the class! I have learned so much from this class and I'm glad I took it as a freshman.

    My English final is next week and my psychology final is due by Friday. I printed it off and it was 13 pages! I am going to be ready for a couple weeks off after this.

    I changed my major when I went in to make my schedule for next year. I'm now majoring in Elem. Education. I'll be able to sub in about two years. I upped my classes from four to five next semester.Once I get my 60 hours and able to sub things will be easier.

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December 2, 2008
Christmas at the Kelley's
We have our tree up! Jacob keeps telling me he'll put up my outside lights... I'm still waiting...

Anyway here is the tree. Sorry the picture isn't better.


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